Emozioni e coinvolgimento


  • Giacomo Lampredi Università di Firenze



Parole chiave:

Emotions, Involvement, Affective habit


The essay aims to outline the theoretical framework through which analyze the relationship between emotions and involvement. This allows us to understand the social dimension of emotional life as linked to what it involves, which requires attention and practical responsiveness. The involvement highlights two fundamental aspects of emotions: 1) they are declined in affective co-respondences through relational sequences; 2) they show up themselves in episodes of rupture. The first characteristic refers to the way in which the affective practices of each individual are constitutively intertwined with those of all the others. The second one refers to the implicit transformations present in any kind of involvement. Rebuilding the relationship between emotions and involvement offers indeed the possibility of approaching emotions as transformative and intercorporeal phenomena emerging from complex tangles of involvement. In fact, there is no involvement without rupture, interruption, redefinition that, at various levels and intensities, are present in every daily interaction. This also leads to problematizing the ethical and political aspects of being involved, redefining the ways in which we feel called to participate in the lives of the others through emotions, with new responsibilities and attentions.

Biografia autore

Giacomo Lampredi, Università di Firenze

Giacomo Lampredi è dottorando in Mutamento Sociale e Politico presso l’Università di Firenze e l’università di Torino. I suoi interessi di ricerca comprendono la sociologia delle emozioni, l’etica della cura e gli studi critici sulla cittadinanza. È inoltre interessato alla ricerca sociale qualitativa, in particolare all’utilizzo dei metodi etnografici e interpretativi.



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